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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the workshop right for me?

This really depends on what you want out of the workshops. Read through the workshops again and if you are not sure, send us an email

Are the groups large?

Get Writing likes to have groups of up to 8 people. This allows the authors facilitating the workshops to give some individual time if required.

Can I use my laptop in the workshops?

Get Writing prefers that laptops (or any electronic equipment) is not used in the workshops, as these can distract people, but please do let us know if you need to use one. Feel free to bring them along if you wish to use them during the breaks/outside of the workshops.

Will there be access to a printer?

A printer could be available if you wish to print off your work, at a small cost. Please let us know in advance if you wish to do this.

Is there Wi-Fi?

WI-FI is available.

How much free time will I have?

Get Writing does not make it compulsory to attend the workshops.

Will I have to read my work to the group?

On our residential workshops you will have the opportunity in the evenings to read your work out if you wish. Many enjoy doing this.

Is there a library?

There is a library in the town centre.

Can I have my mobile phone on in the workshops?

Again, these cause distractions and Get Writing would prefer that they are put away during the workshops.

Can my partner or my child come with me?

Gunton Hall Coastal Resort is an adult holiday resort.

Can I bring a packed lunch?

Yes, although you can purchase food at a very reasonable price.

Can I smoke?

There is no smoking on the premises.

How can I pay for the workshops?

You can pay by...

PayPal (please click on the workshop tag on the workshop page)


Bank transfer (email for details)

What is your cancellation policy?

A refund will be given if Get Writing is informed at least 14 days before the date of the workshop. If you would like to change or cancel, please email

Please email Get Writing if you have a question that is not covered above